Staff Development

HGF Plate Heat Exchangers takes investment in its people, and Black Economic Empowerment very seriously, and its attainment of a Level 2 BEE Certification is testament to this.

Our policy towards our staff and community consists of the following:

Staff Feeding Scheme

All HGF-PHE Workshop staff are provided with meals as well as vitamin supplements on a daily basis through our feeding scheme. This provides tangible benefits to our staff in terms of cost savings for food and transport, with the added benefit of our staff enjoying an overall healthier lifestyle.

Staff Promotion Scheme

HGF-PHE endeavors to nurture talent and empower staff within the organisation to grow into new positions wherever possible, before introducing new candidates into the organisation.

Mentorship Programme

HGF-PHE's management team represents a wealth of knowledge and experience, from business management, to quality control, production management and technical expertise. The management team works closely with HGF-PHE's staff to continually mentor, advise and grow new talent.

Community Development

HGF-PHE proactively adds value to its surrounding community through the following initiatives:

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BEE Certificate