Plate Heat Exchangers



World-class Plate Heat Exchangers

A faulty plate heat exchanger can be a production show-stopper, which is why you need 100 per cent confidence in your exchanger.

To give you such confidence, HGF-PHE has is an official distributor of Swedish manufacturer, Alfa Laval.

Why Alfa Laval?

Alfa Laval have made plate heat exchangers since 1938 and are the world's largest manufacturer of these exchangers. They have more exchangers in the field than any other manufacturer to date.

In addition, Alfa Laval have a massive spare parts inventory, are impressive innovators – for example fusion-bonded Alfa Nova exchangers and the Glue-Free Clip on Gasket – and hold an amazing 1900 patents.

Owners of Alfa Laval Exchangers – what they get:

Access to the highest quality plate heat exchangers, at the lowest cost.

Products that are available-fast.

Support from a worldwide network of parts distributors and service experts.

Access to the latest innovations in heat-exchange-related equipment.

Engineers who specialize in heat transfer.

All operators want the best performance from their heat transfer equipment, to meet performance benchmarks, while balancing out initial and on-going costs. To secure equipment that does this, you need to buy from someone who has real world experience fabricating and operating plant, equipment and process systems.

When you deal with HGF-PHE, you get such experience. Our qualified engineers work with you to determine the thermal and mechanical design requirements for your equipment. Your exchanger will be custom-designed using the latest, industry-leading thermal and mechanical design software.

Maintenance Of Plate Heat Exchangers

Any type of plate heat exchanger can be serviced, cleaned, regasketed, replaced by the HGF-PHE team. HGF-PHE's workshop staff are experienced in all aspects of heat exchanger maintenance & repair, which means they get it right, first time. Their cleaning systems (including ultrasonics or chemical bath immersion), inspection methods, assembly and testing procedures are all designed for optimum results that save your time and your money.

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