What we do

Chemical cleaning

UV dye penetrant testing for detecting pinholes and cracks

Oven curing of gaskets


Scheduled maintenance programmes

For plate pack servicing, our process involves the following steps:

  1. We remove clip type gaskets from each plate before cleaning. Plates are visually inspected for defects like dents, warping, or corrosion. Glue type gaskets can be removed after NaOH cleaning.


  1. We have two cleaning baths: one with heated NaOH solution and another with ambient HNO3 solution. Plates soak in NaOH to remove oily deposits, followed by rinsing and soaking in HNO3 to eliminate scaling. After rinsing and visual inspection, plates are left to dry.


  1. Once dry, one side of the plates is sprayed with luminescent substance and left to dry for 2 hours. Plates are then examined under UV light in a dark room to detect any luminescent substance on the opposite side. Suspect plates are marked, identified, and removed.


  1. Suspect plates undergo a red penetrant and white developer test. If red appears in the developer, the plate is scrapped. (If more than 20-25% of a plate pack is scrapped, we recommend replacing the entire pack).


    1. Plates are rinsed, dried, and fitted with gaskets as needed. We have facilities for oven curing glue-on gaskets.


Once plates are fitted, units are closed after verifying dimensions. We collaborate with an outsourced service provider for frame refurbishment and replacement when necessary.

HGF-PHE offers scheduled maintenance programs for all customers to ensure breakdowns and downtime is kept to a minimum.


Significant savings on spares for heat exchangers.

Longer intervals between servicing

Reduced downtimes

Customer specific development

Short delivery times within South Africa and to other African countries

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"HGF-PHE is a leading, independent provider of parts, service and support for virtually every brand of plate heat exchanger on the market today."


Our longstanding history in the Heat Exchanger Industry has enabled us to cultivate extensive relationships with numerous distinctive manufacturers and suppliers.

Consequently, we have been able to obtain parts from various geographic regions across the globe. As a result, we have successfully acquired parts for numerous older models, and even some that are considered obsolete.


We offer a complete range of on-site and off-site servicing. Arranging collection and delivery of units and plate packs as required as well as assembly and dis-assembly.

Plate & frame units, when received, are examined prior to opening and any issues noted. These are communicated to customers timeously.

Customer Support

For our esteemed customers, we have engaged in Service Level Agreements (SLAs), enabling us to maintain inventory of plates and gaskets at our workshop exclusively for their use.

This minimizes disruptions in factory operations during unexpected occurrences and facilitates effective planning of scheduled maintenance activities.